Traditional natural soap from forests and grassland around Bardejov
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Nature is an inspiration for us. We draw from it strength, moreover, healing, wholesome effects. Initially we collected, desiccated herbs only for a purpose of the tea production. Later, an idea came about to use them for a skin application. And so, our soaps have been created. Natural soaps made from 100% plant oils including coconut, olive, castor, jojoba and Shea butter. These oils are not blotting skin. On the other side, they keep it soft and silky for the touch as a result of glycerol, which is naturally formed during a manufacture. We add healing herbs into the soaps, which are hand-collected throughout a year from our meadows. Thanks to this we achieve the desired effect on the skin. Other additional components include honey, bee glue, beeswax (from own production), goat’s milk, coffee beans – all additives can be consumed and hence are safe for the skin application. Our soaps were made as our personal need (washing hands, body and hair). They are gradually getting more and more to the awareness of our relatives and friends. If you have already tried our products, share your experience with others. We appreciate your feedback and queries as well as any relevant ideas for improvements. After all, it is no longer just our personal need but a benefit for you all. Our first priority is a soap quality and a customer satisfaction.
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